Pinetop, Arizona, New Construction

Intrinsic to its form, the design emphasizes an arrival and an encounter with an ineffable natural space: a seemingly endless pine forest. As a recurring event moving throughout the building, the space contracts and expands to culminate in a monumental glass wall in a precisely controlled frame. The view is highly selective, omitting neighboring houses and cars and exaggerated by a forced (reverse) perspective of the interior surfaces. This central programmatic feature of the house is the sculptural great room, a double height space opening to south and inviting the landscape inwards. A stair climbs along the side, expanding upward to a loft mezzanine and continuing outward to a deck. As a direct expression of the modulated interior space, the exterior form assumes a dynamism responsive to the verticality of the forest. From within the house, time is marked by the moving sun and the theater of wildlife that includes birds, squirrels, deer and elk.

Environmentally conscious, the building is conservative in size and energy efficient. The morning sun penetrates the bedrooms facing east, and the great room is flooded with light from the south during the day. The articulated roof acts to provide complete shade from the summer sun and deep exposure of the winter sun to the slate floor, absorbing heat and radiating continually through the night.

New construction
2000 s.f.

Photographs by Bjorg Magnea.
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